Travelled over the world, settled for some time in the Netherlands, raised 13 foster-children and worked in a non profit organisation for many years.

Still travelling.

Lifelong occupation: esoterica

Esoterica is concerned with the hidden aspects of reality, that is, with the non-sensible aspects / the essence of all things.
In the cramped world of exoterics, the esoteric knowledge exist only in the imagination of the esoterics themselves and they try to stamp the word pseudo-scientist on the esoterics.
Infantiles! In 50 years time the current level of our empirical science will also be labelled pseudo-science.

My favourite science: quantum mechanics, which states that we can only determine probabilities and the uncertainty in determining a probability is linked to other uncertainties. If one is made smaller, then the other becomes larger. This uncertainty arises not from the inaccuracy of used equipment, but is fundamental. Cool!

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